Evan’s Philosophy of Education


Evan is the Educational Coordinator for the Arctic Eider Society where he coordinated the completion of the Arctic Sea Ice Education Package, a series of over 25 culturally relevant high school science lesson plans for Inuit students that is available for free online. He is now working on education resources and interactive media for the SIKU project.

Public School

Evan is a certified Technology Education and Social Studies high school teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. He did practicums at Avon View High School teaching Political Science 12 and English 11 while at Horton High School he taught Film and Video 12, Communication Technology 11, Exploring Technology 10, Energy Power and Transportation 11 and Human Biology 10. Additionally he was the head coach for the Wolfville Middle School’s First Lego League team “Robo Lobo Wired” and accompanied the team to St. Louis for the world championships.

Student to Teacher

My passion for film and technology began in high school french when my teacher (Mrs. Delong) gave me full rein to express myself. Now as an educator myself, I strive to empower my students to follow their passions as I did.