"While out grocery shopping with her mother, Charlie is given a coin to the candy machine and gets her very own handful of colorful jellybeans. She sits and happily munches away until there is only one bean left – the dreaded black jellybean! Not wanting to eat it but not wanting to throw it away either, Charlie tries to find another use for the jellybean, and eventually hatches a plan to grow her own jellybean tree in the backyard."


Beans is a Bad Sparkle Productions and was Written/Directed/Edited by Marley Reed. Beans was produced by Dan Pierce of Ramshackle Pictures.
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Filmmaker Biography

Prior Screenings/Awards

Completed in November of 2009, Beans has been accepted into the following Film festivals around the world.

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Technical Info

  • Original Format: XDCam EX (Sony Ex3)
  • Running Time: 6:12 minutes

Screening Formats:

  • DVCam (preferred)
  • DVD-NTSC Region 1