Into the Fountain

“A cynical survivor of the failing ship building industry in North Vancouver, Jon now works a menial custodian job watching his hopes and dreams sink like coins in a wishing fountain. Estranged from his friends and family, Jon is faced with a surprise from his past. For one night, he must care for his 10-year-old granddaughter, the only person who says less than he does. “

Filmmaker Biography

Prior Screenings & Awards

Completed in May of 2008, Into the Fountain has been accepted into the following Film festivals around the world

Technical Info

  • Original Format: Super 16mm film
  • Running Time: 12:30 minutes

Screening Formats:

  • HDCAM with Dolby E Surround or Lt/Rt (preferred)
  • Beta SP
  • DVcam
  • DVD-NTSC Region 1

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