Introduction to Final Cut Pro and Responsibility

I just finished the first day teaching an introduction to Final Cut Pro Workshop and I’m tired. I think the class has been a success so far, which I was somewhat worried about going in. I was worried that although I have used the program for a long time on a professional basis, there would be little things I take for granted that I don’t know or can’t explain quickly. So far it seems quite the opposite. The real challenge has been my ability to explain the more intermediate features to the class in clear and concise manner. I sometimes forget how little experience some of them have with video/editing systems as well as computers in general.

Fundamentally, I think the biggest thing I can improve upon is choosing my topic staying on it. Everybody seems more interested in knowing exactly the “right” way to do something rather than making an informed decision based on the options. This is somewhat troubling. This same tendency has popped up in my consulting recently as well. I’ve very reluctant to label something as “the best” because everything has it’s pluses and minuses. Is it up to clients/students to make their own decisions after they have been given the options and facts or is that my responsibility? I don’t know really the answer but I suppose will have to comes to terms with it sooner rather than later if I wish to continue in this bissuness.

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