Pyros TV Pilot

I’ve recently been doing some shooting for Tyson Media on a new documentary type TV show about the intensity, beauty and drama surrounding large fire work shows and the men and women behind the spectacle. It’s called Pyros and I spent a few night out on a barge in false Creek in Vancouver during the 2010 olympics shoot interviews and behind the scenes stuff of the preparation of the fire works. It was a pretty cool experience and I really had no idea how the set up worked before hand. Anyway as usual the fireworks guys were a bit unpredictable and on the first night we didn’t really get everything that we had hoped. But the second night they were there right on time, ready to roll and we got a lot of great stuff. This is the 3rd or 4th time using the Sony EX cameras and I’ve gotten quite a bit more familiar with them. They do produce great images but I also think that they are a little bit sharp for my liking. After shooting on the 7D a few weeks ago it was a pretty drastic difference. Anyway, Tyson has cut together a 4 minute pilot and it looks great. Unfortunately, until it gets pitched I can’t show to much here. Check out Mayhem TV for more info!